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Marketing Kitchen™ is dedicated to providing tailored and integrated brand and business solutions to support our clients' business goals.

We offer comprehensive business and market analysis, focused identification of key issues and insights, an extensive range of marketing communications solutions and realistic strategic counsel based on years of experience and our strong understanding of how marketing and business work.

From developing a winning strategy to putting a massive force behind its implementation, Marketing Kitchen™ is able to provide additional perspectives based on our market knowledge and the wide variety of our expertise, spanning several industry fields.

Tried and True recipes to make your business rise

In the pantry

Marketing Kitchen™ has a variety of services and areas of expertise in our pantry to which we bring extensive business and industry experience.  Click on the areas we specialise in to learn more. 

With any job, our first priority is to determine what you want to achieve and assess how we can best help you. If we don't think you should use our services or we don't think we can help with your particular need – we'll tell you. Our objective is to encourage clear communication and achieve a common understanding of your business, sales and marketing options.

House Specialties

Marketing Kitchen™ has a comprehensive suite of tried and tested models, tools, templates and workshops that can be effectively utilised for business and brand management, planning and idea generation.

Whether you would just like the recipe, or for Marketing Kitchen™ to bake the whole cake for you, we are sure to have something in our pantry to help run your business or marketing department more effectively and efficiently.

Our suite of tools and workshops is constantly growing, but some of our favourites include (Click on each to learn more):

Cooks in the kitchen

Too many cooks in your kitchen? Not here!

Marketing Kitchen™ is a compact company with a big reach. We work in a way that was unimaginable 10 years ago. At the heart of the company sits a small core team that combined has over 40 years industry experience, led by founder, Alison Dillon.

The team connects with an extended network of specialists across the country to form dedicated project teams who help deliver the wide range of services we offer. We can broaden our reach to make sure each project is completed by the most competent, creative and appropriate people and deliver results that do precisely what our clients want them to do (... and a little bit more of course!)

Marketing Kitchen™ also believes in giving hands-on work experience and mentoring to our youth. We have a number of skilled and enthusiastic final year Business, Marketing, PR, Communications, Media and Design undergraduates on our books who are just as passionate and dedicated to our vision and who bring a freshness to the execution of our work. Their contributions are closely supervised to ensure outstanding results for our clients and the most effective learning experience for them.

Alison Dillon

Alison Dillon - founder of Marketing Kitchen™ - is a seasoned professional, with over 20 years of marketing, sales and business management experience across a variety of industries in some of the world's leading companies. Alison's strong focus on business outcomes, brand development, unique creative vision and open communication style, guarantees clients a powerful bottom line result.

Alison's expertise extends across brand management, new product launches, new business development, project management, event creation and more.  Alison holds a Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Marketing, and has completed a postgraduate qualification in Entrepreneurism. She is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and a Member of the Australian Institute of Management. Her work has been widely recognised and she has a strong track record of performance results with some of Australia's best known brands and companies.

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insights generation & market research

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All good answers start with good questions!

At Marketing Kitchen™ we take research and discovery very seriously. Careful investigation, analysis and synthesis of findings are at the foundation of everything we do.

Our insights process may involve a review of your company's existing research, documentation, and interviews with key internal and external audiences. If information gaps exist, Marketing Kitchen™ will work with seasoned research experts to produce in-depth, accurate, objective data.

We offer an external perspective to ensure that the information retrieved from intensive market research is purely objective and balanced against a strict set of criteria. The more accurate and less influenced the information is, the more useful it becomes to your business.

Marketing Kitchen™ believes that behind all great business and brand success stories lie great consumer insights. A true consumer insight, or penetrating truth, defines a unique consumer problem that the brand can solve. When coupled with knowledge gathered from examining your business's history (its capabilities – both existing and potential) and the competitive landscape, insights will ensure the development of powerful new ideas and strategy and importantly, drive success.

Specific services include:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research
  • Data Interpretation
  • Insight Generation

Marketing Kitchen™ will work with your preferred research agency or will recommend suitable suppliers based on your requirements and our experience with a broad range of specialist research service providers.

Strategic Planning

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A strategy is not a strategy unless it can be executed !

Marketing Kitchen™ provides a broad range of strategic planning and consultancy services.

With over 15 years' experience working in large multinational organisations, and having bottom line accountability, Marketing Kitchen™ understands the important difference between a creative strategy and a real world business plan that is executable.

Effective strategy development requires:

  • Accurate assessment of the current "state of play"
  • Target market identification and selection
  • Idea generation
  • Opportunity assessment and modelling
  • Plan development (strategic direction, objectives)
  • Control and review

Marketing Kitchen™ provides services in all these areas.

Brand Help

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We invent, revive, nurture and build brands based on sound target market understanding & strategic imperatives

Companies employ many strategies to win competitive battles, but none are more effective – especially over the long term – than the projection of the right image, or brand identity.

Marketing Kitchen™ can help determine the ideal image for a brand or company, and close the gap between current and desired positioning based on sound target market understanding and the business imperatives.

Specific services we offer:

  • In-depth brand assessment
  • Brand creation, brand extension and new product development
  • Development of brand and range positioning platforms
  • Brand essence (personality) articulation
  • Development and assessment of business, marketing and brand plans
  • ROI (return on investments) recommendations

Through the brand assessment tool, BrandThermometer™ and the BrandRecipe™ planning tool, Marketing Kitchen™ can answer all your brand questions and ensure the brand lives up to your and importantly your target market's expectations.

Communications strategy

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We can cook up a results focused campaign, with a classic or unique combination of ingredients that won't be beaten!

With a comprehensive knowledge of how advertising and promotional activities drive results, and a healthy dollop of business intuition, Marketing Kitchen™ will ensure your marketing dollars go further and can devise a tailor-made recipe that will make your brand and business rise.

Whether it is coming up with an innovative new approach to communicating with your target, a complete communication and promotional investment review, or just help in campaign planning, development and briefing, Marketing Kitchen™ have a 5-star rating in cooking up award winning ideas and getting the marketing mix right.

Marketing Kitchen™ can assist in all or any of the steps involved in effective communications strategy development, including:

  • Selecting and understanding your target market
  • Assessing your business and communication needs
  • Developing a unique and relevant brand communication platform
  • Evaluating Available Resources
  • Choosing Appropriate Tactics
  • Briefing and assessing creative responses
  • Production
  • Measurement and learning

Event management

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Whether it be a product Iaunch, road show, exhibition, public or private function, our event team can surpass your expectations!

Convincing busy people to leave the office is tough enough – so when you've persuaded them to come and listen to what you have to say, we believe in making their trip worth it.

Starting with the basics: scrupulous organisation, ferocious stage management - everything planned, rehearsed, checked, backed up and checked again - resulting in a seamless day for you and your guests.

And to hammer home the message, creative theme development and inspirational content make sure the message lives on way past the canapés.

We offer a wide variety of event services including:

  • Product Launches
  • Company & Industry Conferences
  • Themed Corporate Functions
  • Training Days
  • Public Relations Events
  • Sampling & Street Marketing

Our event successes

Marketing Kitchen's team has thousands of hours of collective experience in leading, presenting, creating and managing events. We know how to excite and engage audiences, ensuring outstanding retention and results.

Some of the successful events we have worked on include:

  • The Age Melbourne Writers' Festival (major arts festival)
  • Sorbent "Flu Healers" (new product launch)
  • Carnivale Masquerade Soiree 2004/5 (charity ball for MS Society)
  • One in a Million Fundraising Ball 2006 (Royal Children's Hospital George & Jasmine Treatment Room)
  • National conferences, including social programs
  • Professional development workshops
  • Parties, racing carnival events, client hospitality programs
  • Board meetings, AGMs, strategy planning days

Marketing management

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If you have a skill set or resource problem, we can provide the practical assistance you're looking for.

Have you had someone leave your business unexpectedly? Do you have a member of your team going on maternity or extended leave? Do you have a number of business ideas that need resources, but no head count or resources to work up the plan? Marketing Kitchen™ can help!

Marketing Kitchen™ can help solve your short to medium term marketing and project management needs. Marketing Kitchen™ can provide an experienced contractor who is just like a permanent member of your team, ideally suited for the job at hand. They can be available just for the hours you need them and do not require a nine to five, five days a week assignment. Our services are available for any duration of time - for a week, a month or even a year.

Additionally, if you are a small, growing business that needs marketing direction and support but are not in a position to hire your own team, how about outsourcing your marketing requirements to Marketing Kitchen™? We can work seamlessly with your organisation and provide all your marketing requirements for a fraction of the cost of a full time team.

Project management

Marketing Kitchen™ adheres to strict project management principles for our own productions and also for our clients. We can take on the running of projects wholly on behalf of our clients, or play a management or supervisory role. Our independent approach ensures our views are not compromised by existing relationships and we can integrate with your business to ensure project milestones are delivered.

Ideally, we like to be involved from as early as possible and participate in development of project objectives and critical milestones. We can assess opportunities and options without pre-conceived ideas, allowing optimal decisions to be made. Our project management experience covers many disciplines including marketing, sales, manufacturing, cultural change, business due diligence and acquisition.

Our project management tools include:

  • Gantt Chart based timelines
  • Budget development
  • Client signoff procedures
  • Internal signoff procedures

Brand Thermometer™

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"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Sun Tzu

What's the temperature gauge of your brand or business? Do you want to understand the state of your brand and its ability to deliver current and future business objectives?

Our brand and business assessment tool, BrandThermometer™ will give you an honest and detailed report on how and why your brand or business is performing, and where opportunities for improvement exist.

Some of the critical assessment questions BrandThermometer™ will investigate include:

  • Is the brand delivering against what consumers desire?
  • Is the brand or business offer differentiated and relevant?
  • Are the pricing, packaging and promotional activities effective, aligned, consistent and enhancing brand equity?
  • Is the level of support and investment effective?

Gain insight into where your business is at with BrandThermometer™

Brand Recipe™

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" A branding program should be designed to differentiate your cow from all the other cattle on the range, even if all the cattle on the range look pretty much alike." Al Ries

BrandRecipe™ is a marketing plan designed to ensure that your company delivers on its brand promise and you get the results you are looking for. It provides a recipe for continually building, measuring and enhancing brand value and helps you achieve clarity of branding focus and direction.

Your BrandRecipe™ is developed after we determine your brand's present position and value through our unique brand assessment techniques. It is an in-depth marketing plan that defines the strategies which can strengthen and improve your brand's performance and market position. BrandRecipe™ encompasses: • brand objectives • brand positioning, the promise of the brand • brand strategy and tactics.

BrandRecipe™ aligns products, services, and communications for uniform delivery of the brand promise. Everything is spelled out, integrated, and ready for execution.

It's the professional implementation of BrandRecipe™ that makes it a sensation, and like all great culinary successes, should be an evolving, living, breathing masterpiece that should change based on results and analysis.

Capture more brand share with BrandRecipe™, your essential recipe for branding success.


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" Ideas are like rabbits. you get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."     John Steinbeck

IdeaCook-up™ is a fun, interactive workshop where ideas with the potential to significantly improve the performance of your brand and business are born. The goal of IdeaCook-up™ is to generate high quantity, high quality and high impact ideas.

IdeaCook-Up™ is designed to break people out of their current patterns of thinking to enable them to see new ways of doing things. IdeaCook-Up™ can be used to find better ways of doing things, fill innovation and product development pipelines, solve complex business and operational challenges, and more.

All IdeaCook-Up™ workshops are facilitated by Alison Dillon, an experienced moderator in the area of innovation. "Alison continually challenges accepted thinking to ensure insight leads to valued outcomes. Her facilitation ability empowers those around her to think and perform at their best."

Alison will work with you to ensure that the goals of your IdeaCook-up™ are understood. She will recommend appropriate participants for the workshop, prepare agendas and any preparation material for participants, moderate the workshops using a host of proven idea generating techniques, and conduct a post workshop review.

IdeaCook-up™ is typically a 3 hour or full day session.


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An idea is not an opportunity unless it has real commercial potential.

IdeaSieve™ is a tool used to rigorously differentiate ideas from opportunities. Not all ideas are opportunities, and not all opportunities should be pursued by your business. To be developed into a successful business result, ideas must have a sound business concept that is marketable.

Evaluation of ideas is an essential step in the idea generation and innovation process. IdeaSieve™ reduces business risk by eliminating those ideas that have little chance of success and enables valuable resources to be directed toward development of the most promising opportunities.

Marketing Kitchen™ can work with you to develop appropriate judgement criteria for your ideas based on sound business theory and extensive new product development experience.

Workshops using IdeaSieve™ are effective ways to gain cross-functional alignment on new business opportunities and sift through a lot of ideas fast. Remember, if you're lacking in ideas to evaluate, consider holding an IdeaCook-up™

Get help differentiating ideas from opportunities with IdeaSieve™